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         Unsaturated Polyester Resins
  General Purpose (G.P.)
  Isopthallic Resin (ISO Resin)
  Rooflight (Sheet)
  Flame Retardant (FR) Resin
  Gelcoat GP
  Gelcoat ISO
  Gelcoat Acralic
         Chopped Strand Mat
  Powder Bonded
  Emulsion Bonded
  Woven Roving (W/R)
  Surface Mat
         M.E.K.P. ( CATALYST)

"A substance added to a polyester in a certain quantity to allow the polyester to cure (Harden). Peroxides are the catalysts used with polyester"

         COBALT (Accelerator)

"A high active oxidizing material suspended in a liquid carrier used to accelerate the decomposition of peroxide catalysts into highly reactive free radicals. These free radicals react readily With polymer and monomer molecules to cure a thermoset resin."

         PVA POWDER
  Chopped Strand Mat

The superior quality fiber glass chopped strands mats we offer to clients is used in the surface layers of FRP products. These mats are known for their uniform fiber dispersion, smooth surface, good mould obedience, low binder content, softness and various other features. The range of products is available in varying size and dimensions to customers at the most competitive and market leading prices. We bring you chopped strands for BMC/DMC that are produced by chopping fiberglass strands into a certain length. 


It is mainly used for injection and compression molding processes and is typically used to produce various electric parts.




  • Good strand integrity, low static and good flow ability.
  • Fast and uniform distribution in resins, good processing processing properties and good
  • Mechanical properties of the end products.
  • Good bonding with resins.
  • No fiber sticking out at the surface of the end products and increased aesthetic appearance.

Few of the excellent features of the products are as follows:

  • Excellent package transfer
  • Good processing characteristics
  • Fast wet out in thermo set resin systems
  • Provides strand hardness without sacrificing rapid and complete wet-out
  • Low resin demand during processing
  • General purpose sizing


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